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Cool Coyotes Kids Camp
An outdoor adventure camp and after school program
School Holiday 
Acton Academy


After School Program:

We’re going to have an awesome time together after school! Kids will enjoy a wide variety of fun activities! 

We intentionally follow the needs and interests of the students as we plan after school activities. We keep our ratios low, and hire only the best people, to ensure maximum fun in the safest way possible. 

We may walk to the local park, to enjoy the playground, dig for worms, explode coke and mentos, have a nurf battle, play games, kickball, paint rocks/leaves and more! We have a vast array of creative messy art, super fun & exciting science, and thousands of Legos to play with! 

Some examples of our science/art include: campers team up and walk on raw eggs without breaking them, exploding Coke and Mentos geyser, build a bird’s nest for a raw egg, drop it from a tree, and see if your egg survives, make slime, experiment with polymers, and MORE! Plus, TONS of art supplies for kids to let their creativity flow and just be kids! We might even fill our squirt guns up with paint and decorate t-shirts that way! 

If the kids need some ‘down time’ we read living books, or play calming music while they enjoy free play or art. Kids may work on a school project or research if they chose. Guidance is always available for school projects or any pursuit of learning. Curiosity is always encouraged, we strive to inspire the curiosity in every student.  

Monday - Friday Hours 3-6