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Hello Parents,

We always have a blast at camp!  

**Please no Peanuts or Peanut Butter! 
Also, no electronics. We try to be an electronic free camp. 
(Please leave the Fitbits and Apple watches at home. I tend to find them in the sand when children bring them to camp.)

We transport the children in 15 passenger vans. 
The group sizes are up to 25 children with 3 adults.
We meet at the playground parking lot, play at the playground for a bit, and then head out on our field trip for the day.

(We are all CPR/First Aid Certified)

Your child will need to bring their lunch, water bottle, change of clothes, (head to toe change of clothes including shoes) towel, swimsuit or shorts, a jacket and their booster/car seat if needed. 
It's a good idea to label your child's things with their name.
(Please no "Lunchables". Kids are always hungry when they have one for lunch.) 
We will provide snacks and have extra water along.

*The children usually go wading in the water. PLEASE have your child wear their shorts or swim suit under their clothes. 
This makes it easier so we don't have to change all of the kids into their suits when we get to the beaches and creeks and they don't get their clothes wet.  
 Have your child dress for the weather and wear good walking shoes that you don't mind if they get wet. 

*Please apply sunscreen in the morning. We will reapply mid day.

Here is a sample schedule of a typical week of camp. 
I will send out an information e-mail the week before each camp begins. The schedule might be a bit different than this sample week.  
( We do not let the children go in the waves if we go to the ocean.)
In the winter months if it is raining we usually go hike in the redwoods to play in the rain. 
It's fun to splash in puddles and see the different critters that come out in the rain. 
If the weather is too cold and stormy we go to La Petite Playhouse in Redwood city. 
Along with their play structure, we rent the party room so we can do arts and crafts.

Monday: We will go to Pillar Point/Mavericks to play and explore. There is a sandy beach, a big hill to climb, a rope swing and tide pools. We love this beach!

Tuesday : We will go to Stulsaft Park to play at the creek and make water slides at the playground and maybe make a rope swing in the trees.

 Wednesday: We will go to Pomponio or San Gregorio state beach to play. The children have nick named these beaches "Stick Beach" because of the drift wood forts they can build.

Thursday: We will go to Huddart Park to hike through the redwoods and play along the creek. Maybe we will catch some crayfish!

Friday: We will go to Pillar Point/Mavericks to play. The children have nick named this beach "dog beach." This is one of our favorite beaches!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


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